Garage Door Services & Repair

Garage Door off-track Repair

Garage Door Track Alignment and Repair

Is your garage door sticking or not opening and closing properly? 

Your door tracks may be out of alignment. Discount Garage Door mobile technicians are available day & night to adjust, repair or replace your garage door tracks.

Troubleshooting – is the:

  • Garage door rubbing on one side?
  • Garage door rubbing against the frame?
  • Garage door sticking in the track?
  • Garage door leaving a gap at the top or bottom?
  • Garage door not closing and going back up?

If you are having any of these issues, call us now and we can have your garage door back in proper working order!

The garage door track is significant in the operation and performance of your garage door. It ensures that the garage door is properly in place and is not unaligned. These tracks need to be optimized for the perfect tightness, as making them too tight or too loose can cause problems.


Other problems include rusting, wearing, or breaking, which can be fixed by a simple call to Garage Door Service & Repair.