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How To Choose Which Garage Door Style Is Right For Your Home Garage

How To Choose Which Garage Door Style Is Right For Your Home Garage

It can be challenging to select a garage door that complements your home because there are so many different kinds available. This site is for you if you’ve ever wondered what kind of garage door to buy. To give you a solid foundation, we’ll start by going through the most popular overhead and non-overhead garage door designs.

Styles of Overhead Garage Doors
Overhead garage doors, also referred to as sectionals, are the most prevalent and well-liked design available. They can be used with or without an automated opener, rolling up and down on vertical tracks that are situated on either side of your garage door opening. Overhead doors sit horizontally over your garage floor when they are open.

The carriage house design and construction of many overhead garage doors are evocative of a time when affluent households kept their carriages in independent buildings. Modern carriage-style garage doors, however, are available in a range of sizes and may be completely tailored to fit any property.

Above garage doors come in four basic varieties: bifold, swing overhead, conventional stile and rail, and trifold. More information on each of them will be provided below.

  • Overhead Bifold Garage Doors 
  • Overhead Garage Doors that Swing 
  • Stile & Rail Garage Doors in the Classic Style 
  • Overhead Trifold Garage Doors  

Styles of Non-Overhead Garage Doors 

Before selecting a product for your home, become familiar with the various non-overhead garage door styles. Let’s examine each one in more detail. 

  • Garage Doors in the Barns 
  • Rolling side garage doors 
  • Garage Doors that Slide or Glide 
  • Authentic Bifold Garage Doors 
  • Garage Doors That Truly Swing

Ten Typical Home Designs to Know
After reviewing the most common garage doors, we’ll look at various home designs. The characteristics of each one are listed below, along with suggestions for matching garage doors.

  • Homes in the Cape Cod style 
  • Colonial-style residences 
  • Houses in the Modern Style 
  • Homes in the Craftsman Style
  • Houses in the Farmhouse Style 
  • Homes in the Mid-Century Modern Style
  • Ranch-style residences
  • Spanish-Style Residences 
  • Tudor-style residences 
  • Victorian-era residences     


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